Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Speed Day! It's finally here. The day I go out and kill myself burning off miles at a rate much faster than I should probably be going and haven't preparation for. Well okay, maybe I had a little preparation, but still. Here is the runcast for today. I like doing them, but I'm not planning on making this a daily thing.....yet

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So the miles went like this:
1- dodged kids on the track 5:48
2- Clear track, 5:38
3- Kinda died, 5:44

I definitely thought these were harder than they probably should have been. I'm not sure how last year's speed felt fitness wise, so i might go back and read about that to compare, but today was pretty tough. I was definitely pushing hard on the last mile. It was difficult to simply get my legs going as fast as they wanted to go, my lungs were fine, but I need to play some catch up with my coordination. I have been slacking on form drills unfortunately. Honestly I can't remember the last time I did them. So instead of crying about it, I'm going to make an effort to remedy that now so in the next few weeks or months I'll be able to benefit.

For how fast I was feeling, I wanted to guess 5:30. Honestly I'm still kind of hoping in the back of my head that the track is long and I'm actually running a lot faster. I know it isn't, but I really thought I'd be faster. The weird thing is I ran my 5k at 6 minute pace, which isn't too far from today's miles, and that really didn't feel all that hard. I still felt like I could have gone a lot faster that day. But today I felt like I was closing on top speed and was surprised I could hold on as long as I did at that pace. So I thought maybe I'd be ahead, but I suppose it's a good place to start from. I mean I wanted to run these at 5:40 and add 2 (or more if I can handle) every week. So I'm actually able to run at the speed I wanted, but now I just have to make it easier to run at that speed. So next week looks like 5 x 1 at 5:40-45. I think it's doable.

My second idea was to do a secondary workout and switch to Tuesday and Thursday workouts, also cutting back a bit to be fresh for speed on Tuesday. Tuesday would be a normal workout, increasing the number of miles each week, and Thursday would be shorter, faster training focusing on holding a near-top end speed - like 800's or 400's, or a combination. Basically I need to wake up my fast twitch fibers, as they seem to be asleep at the wheel. So we will see about that second workout, but I think it could be a possibility. If it doesn't work out, then I'll just have to use form drills and some focused accelerations instead. So lots of options to consider and I'm pretty excited.

4pm. track. 35 degrees.
@5:48, 5:38, 5:44 w/jogging rest
1:05:47, fasttwitch 8

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