Monday, January 12, 2009


Back in the groove. I had a rough start to this year with three days in a row of no running. But I hope to make up for it over the next few weeks. Today was a great run. It felt easy and I was breathing fine the whole time. Now the legs were a whole other story where I was just trying to make it through the run. It was cloudy today, but not really cold, somewhere in the low 40's with maybe a 5 mph wind. My mindset on this run was just to make it to halfway. I planned a 2 hour run, and figured if I could make it to halfway, taking it easy if I had to, that I could definitely do it.

So the run went good as I said, no real problems other than the legs being a little achy from my long run yesterday, and a little extra effort was needed on hills. I ran at the soccer complex, so it's a repeating one mile course, with rollers and one kind of steeper hill. I tried to count my laps, but I got lost around 10. i ran two one way, then the rest the opposite direction. I was going to run a few more the opposite direction, but since I lost count I didn't bother. My thinking was that if I ran a few the other direction it would help me keep track, but once I was going I didn't feel like turning around. so i think I ran 12 laps, maybe 13, heck maybe 14 it's near impossible to remember when you are running the same long course, so much time to get sidetracked or miscount.

The sun came out with about forty minutes to go and that was nice. It brightened everything up and made it just a tad warmer as the sun was setting. It was nice. I kept a good pace the rest of the time. It turned out to be just an awesome day, couldn't have asked for better.

3:20pm. soccer complex. 40 degrees, got sunny slight wind.
2:08:19, gm 796

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