Monday, January 19, 2009


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Made up my long run today. It was snowing! This is the first snow of the winter, and it finally feels like Christmas, even though it's already gone. I decided to go ahead and try to run in it. The flakes were huge at first, and throughout the whole run it snowed. I had a hard time seeing in it because it was getting in my eyelashes, and a few got me directly in the eye, which kind of hurt. Other than that it was really wet. Since it wasn't that cold out it wasn't slippery, but just plain out wet. My shoes were soaked when I got back in. I stopped running outside after about an hour and 25 minutes or so, switched socks and shoes and finished up on the treadmill.

So today was an interesting long run. I'm glad I ran in the snow, but it wasn't quite as fun as I thought it would be, especially considering 40 minutes into the run, I could feel my socks were squishy from my feet being soaked all the way through. Also my gloves were attracting all kinds of snow, and they were wet as well, so my hands started to get cold. Needless to say I was happy to get in on the treadmill. At least until I actually started running on it. My legs were tired, but I managed a pretty decent pace. It was nice having water/snacks available because whenever and I felt a little hungry around 2 hours, I was able to get a few bites of marathon bar. I also had water readily available, so that helped as well. I don't like the treadmill because it's repetitious and you go nowhere, but other than I really feel a difference when I'm running on it. It takes much more effort to run at my normal pace on a treadmill, where outside I just float along. The hams and calves were pretty tired at the end of this one- which is normal, but I definitely had less hills so I actually thought that would help with the legs. It really didn't. Breathing wise though it totally did, and there were only a few times where I could tell I was exerting a bit of effort to maintain. Ok that's it for today. Later.

2:45 pm. home/tread. 30 degrees snowing and wet.
2:48, gm 827 /bf 1078

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