Saturday, January 3, 2009


Kind of had a workout this morning with my dad. It's a tradition to cut wood and fill up our wagon whenever I come to visit. I actually enjoy this. I remember a few years ago before I ran I would be dead tired and breathing hard when we cut wood. The past few times have been better, and this time I was hauling wood like a champ. We had to drag a few trees, yes entire trees out of the woods to our truck. I drug a few and helped dad with the others. It's kind of fun to drag an entire tree by yourself, there's something very empowering about it. Anyway it was a really good workout and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't breathing hard. It was cold this morning, but once I started carrying logs out of the woods I was more on the warm side. I really like getting to help my dad with the work.

Awesome run today. Normally when wearing my running pants I feel a bit restricted, but the legs were snappy and fresh. Haven't felt that way for a long time. It was windy today, but I was sneaky and ran north to south because the wind was coming right out of the East. I ran into it at the beginning of my run and it wasn't too bad because it was warmer today, but still there is no use in killing yourself during the warmup. After that I just stuck to the road by my house and ran that a couple times. I definitely felt a lot faster today and I think the rest days are paying off. The run just felt great. I was really surprised how well my feet were getting off the ground, they felt light and I was able to go pretty fast with seemingly no effort. I did pick it up at the end of my run for the last mile and half or so. I figured tomorrow I wouldn't be getting a long run in since we are driving back to TN, so I could get away with a little extra effort today.

4:30 pm. santa fe/county-line. 25 degrees, 13 mph wind from E.
1:04:46, bf 981

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