Friday, January 30, 2009


A nice long treadmill run. I watched the movie 300. If you can't get pumped up watching that movie then you have something wrong with your adrenaline glands. Anyway it was a longer run of 2 hours 10 minutes with a half minute rest to turn on the fan (i forgot to) and grab a little laraba bar because I skipped lunch. I didn't want to skip lunch by the way, but I had a big late breakfast and it just stuck with me. If I would have eaten I would have wait to run till later and I didn't want to do that since April wanted to go out when she got home. The run went fine, it was getting harder towards the end though. I kept the speed at 8 the whole time, and increased it gradually up to 8.6 the last mile.

My right calf is still sore, but I think it will be good to go by Sunday for a long run. I haven't ran a longer long run for a while so I might try to get three hours or more in again. I guess it'll depend on what's going on Sunday. We are going to a superbowl party so that might mean cutting a few miles. I should still be able to get a good two and half to three quarter hours in hopefully. Other than that just the normal burning sensation in the outside of my big toe joints. Tomorrow I'm planning a split run, trying to get two half-marathons in. My new thing is to keep increasing my daily miles as close to marathon as I can - so come marathon day I will be more and more prepared to run hard the whole distance and not die in the last few miles. I didn't get any speedwork in this week, but it was kind of crazy with taking a few days off, then trying to get my miles back up. I hate that, but things happen. I just have to move on and get it in next week.

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