Thursday, January 29, 2009


I started this run at the soccer complex. I had an hour and half in mind, hoping that if I split the run up by doing the rest at home it would make it go by a little faster. It worked, although the soccer complex is really hilly. I kept feeling my left hamstring tighten up on the hills. It does that sometimes, it was just noticeable today. Also my right calf is swelled. Not the actual calf, but kind of the secondary calf muscle just below it. It's been sore, but I thought it was my shins, when I actually looked at it today I noticed it was looking rather large. When compared to the left leg it's about twice the size, which kind of worries me. All the same once I get warmed up there isn't any pain so I guess it's no big deal.

Today felt really similar to a long run, which probably isn't a good thing. I just had that achiness. Granted a lot of that is going to come from the hills, so i guess it's expected. At the soccer complex I did discover a neat little trick to remember my laps. Instead of counting forward, I counted backwards this time and actually knew how many laps I had done! Yay for me. It ended up being 3 one way, half a lap to reverse direction, then 8 laps the other way plus a trip around the parking lot, so somewhere around 13 miles. The run at home was fine, but I was starting to get cold and was also hungry as I didn't fuel today. I just didn't want to deal with it, although it would have the run a lot easier I guess. I figured that sometimes you just have to ignore your body and push through things, because that's what a marathon is about, pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits.

3:45pm. soccer complex/home. 40 degrees.
2:22:23. gf 413

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