Friday, January 23, 2009


Wind was horrible today.I ran more than half my run at the soccer complex, then I was sick of the wind so I left and finished the rest at home. The houses blocked most of the wind and at least made the run bearable. I was hoping it would be a beautiful day, but as the 60 degree days usually go around here it was just caused by overcast fast moving clouds bringing all the warm southern air up here. It really wasn't worth it. I thought to myself - I'd rather have it be cold than "warm" and windy. The thing about the wind is that it blows right through you and makes you feel cold because you are sweating. So actually my nose was running like crazy today because of it, even though it was "60" degrees.

My legs were dead today too and that didn't help matters. I'm trying to keep up my mileage and today probably wasn't the best day for a continuous medium-long run, but I really didn't want to do it Saturday. My legs did loosen up a bit, but my hips, hams, and inside of my quads were sore and didn't want to cooperate. I don't blame them, as I said I probably should have just taken it easier, and I did as far as pace goes, but some further rest would have been beneficial. Maybe I'll take Monday off after my long run or take it super-easy for some recovery for next week. I'm kinda wondering how I'll feel tomorrow.

2:53. soccer complex/home. 56 degrees 15 mph wind

2:08:57, gf 383

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