Thursday, January 15, 2009


My morning run was tough. The cold air made it hard to breathe and I was really struggling pretty much the whole time. Still it wasn't as cold as I had expected, but it really did effect my breathing in a big way. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day to be outside running. Although the run didn't feel that great, I was happy to get out there and brave the cold weather.

1pm. home. 22 degrees (11 w/12mph wind) sunny.

1:05:04, bf 1052

After this morning I decided to go for the treadmill. For one I didn't want to be struggling along like this morning, and I also wanted to watch my pace a bit and the treadmill doesn't lie. It was a good run even though I would have liked it be a little more spaced apart from my early run. The only bad part was I forgot my towel, so I had to pause about halfway through to get it, but that was okay too because I got some gatorade as well. My legs are definitely feeling yesterday's workout, but not anymore than usual. I should be back to normal by Saturday. That is the good thing about doing a Wednesday hard workout, you have two days to recover from a long run, then three days to recover before the next long run. It's good, but as I said yesterday I might try and do a second workout- I'm not sure if that is necessary as I like this setup, but maybe I can just do some accels on Friday.

5:15 pm. treadmill.
1:06:18, bf 1060

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