Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well the morning run went okay. I think I've hit the wall though. I just feel really tired and hungry and nothing seems to help. I think I'm just burned out and need some rest. I still might be able to get my goal, but I will have to run later on tonight on the treadmill again. I sort of know in the back of my head once I start running I'll get going again, so we'll see what happens. I just don't really feel normal right now so I'm going to try and hold off. Some extra rest might be good, and that would help get me through the last two days. I'll update this later tonight, if all goes well I'll still be on track to reach my goal. --> yeah so things didn't work out. Oh well. I had a good "run" so to speak. I'll still try and get the next two days in, and this will be my highest week ever, so it's still an accomplishment ;-)

10.28am. treadmill.
1:28:54, gf 511

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