Friday, February 13, 2009


Another glorious run. The calf was still hurting today, but as usual it went away. Did this run at the soccer complex and unfortunately it was already a little late when I got there, otherwise I probably would have ran another two maybe three miles. Either way I felt great today. Legs were totally responsive and not tired or achy at all which was amazing. Lungs were fresh and this run couldn't have been easier or more awesome. NO WIND - and at the wide open soccer complex situated atop a hill that's saying a lot. The air was perfect and I hardly dropped a sweat. I even went to brush my forehead and found it to be dry and cool - so awesome. Two perfect days in a row and I'm feeling amazing.

I have a secret plan that I'm implementing next week. It's sort of a test of will. I'm not going to divulge it as I said it's a secret, but hopefully I survive next week is all I have to say. I'm really hoping this calf gets back to normal. It is a nuisance kind of pain, but it's still there. I did calf raises last night in hopes that might help. It didn't seem to help the pain, but the run sure couldn't have went any better. I also did crunches last night, and today I mixed it up again with pushups and dips in the parking lot right after my run. Another awesome day in the books. So happy to be running right now.

5:15pm. soccer complex. 58 degrees cool and calm.
1:29:01, bf 1155

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