Sunday, February 22, 2009


Easy Like Sunday Morning. Haven't ran a lick today, but I plan on still getting my miles up the rest of this week. Just too much running last week and I needed some rest and recuperation time. Good news on the website front- I've only got one page left to design and it'll be up and running. Things are coming along nicely and I'm actually starting to get the hang of flash. So once that's done it's on to business cards/advertising and all that.

It's getting dark later now. That's a good thing, but also kind of bad because it means the mornings will be darker too. I want to start running in the mornings again, but not in the pitch black. I really need to crack down now that's nearly a month left, so that I'm well prepared to run on race day. I'll keep working on it, and am hoping things like that and the calf issue get worked out this month.

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