Friday, February 20, 2009


The morning run was uneventful. I just watched some tv series on the mac while I ran. It wasn't a hard run, but I had it kicked up to 8.5 for the last ten minutes. Wasn't too sweaty, I had the fan blowing right beside me propped by a chair, so that seemed to work well.

Later I was really hungry/empty but I felt like I just needed to get out there and do it. So that is exactly what happened. Before I knew it I was making the fourth loop around the neighborhood and feeling really good. The legs were a bit tired, breathing was just slightly heavy, but everything was flowing nice. I managed a good increase for the last mile and according to myipod that was one of my fastest runs in a while. Not sure how accurate, but the run felt good so I'd say it's probably right.

One more day of literally "marathon" training and this madness will be over. I actually like running these half/half's but it really takes a toll on the legs and body. I feel really in shape though, better than I ever have really, so I guess I'm doing things right. Sunday I'm torn between a fast day or just taking it easy to recover. Like usual I'll leave it up to how I feel. Oh sweet indecisiveness.

11.47am. tread.

1.29.34, gf 522

4.28am. home. 41 degrees sunny w/9mph wind (shorts 2 longsleeves+armsleeves)
1.27.57, bf 1201

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