Sunday, March 2, 2008


Good day exercise wise. 6 miles in the early morning, then to church basketball. We won today!!! I did very well making almost all my shots and a decent defensive performance. Later another 6 miles at the soccer complex. Very busy day, I feel like I got nothing done though.

Legs were surprisingly responsive today considering yesterday was the longest I've run. The only problem was the toes. I got these toe caps online and they hardly work at all. Its a good idea in theory, but they only provide them for "one size fits all". In addition I think they are designed for the big toe. I have no problems with the big toe, but none of the specifications stated anything about it. It also said "pack of 4". I assumed that meant 4 different sizes for each of the toes except the pinkie, but no. You get a total of 4 that are the same size. I have to tape them on in order for them not to come off. I mean I literally ran a little farther than my mailbox and it had already worked off of my second toe (the one that has crater-nail). Taping it on helped, otherwise I would have had a hard time playing basketball. They are like a plastic gel so once you add sweat into the mix there isn't a lot preventing them from just sliding off. Thankfully it decided to stay on today.

38 miles is a pretty good weekend. I liked running in the morning. I hope to do that a lot more, it will make my afternoon much easier.

6(6.9)miles. PM run. 60 degrees. Zoom 113
6(6.5)miles. AM run. 45 degrees. Zoom 107

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