Friday, March 21, 2008


Another good run today. 5 miles in the morning after a hearty breakfast. Not much going on in this run. Breathing was very heavy.

Later tonight back at the soccer complex for 6 tough miles. Legs are pretty worn out as I'm headed to 70 miles on the week, and my norm is 55-60. So yeah, they are tired, but not sore or anything. Both times yesterday and today on my late run I noticed I didn't have the energy I normally have. That emptiness in the stomach you get when you're hungry. I may need to get out earlier in the night instead of enjoying the lateness of the sunlight. Again, most of this probably has to do with the miles I've put up this week.

Things are going well though, I'm feeling more fit than I've been in a way long time. I dare say I'll be able to outrun my old high school self before too long. I've also been thinking about the race a lot. I keep bouncing back and forth over strategies, but mostly I just hope I feel good after the halfway point. If I do, then it's on. Two PR 10ks back to back is a feat in itself, but I think I can handle it. I'm not sure if you can "cram" for a race, but it really feels like that this week. I've just been running around the clock since I've had all this time with spring break. I hope that cramming is a good thing though. I'm sure a little extra won't hurt.

Crunching the numbers currently working on April's schedule, but also to post the data from my pyramid this cycle.
AM-5(5.75)miles @7:01. 36 degrees sunny. BF 170
PM- 6(7)miles @7:04. 62 degrees a little wind. BF 176

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