Monday, March 24, 2008


Sunday was Easter. Went out for a run in the morning and just didn't feel great, plus I had to get ready to leave to visit family. Just a mile. Spent the day at April's Grandmas and watched the UT game with her dad. Pretty good day.

Today was snowy, yes complete actual snow and two days ago it was 70 degrees. Not very motivating, plus today was inservice. That mean't no real schedule, which mean't a perfect opportunity to slack off. Still I got some dinner in me afterschool and felt good, so I got on the sweatmill for 5 miles. I would like to say they were easy, but it's just hard without a fan. So much sweat. At least it will get a few pounds off for the race. I've kind of been ignoring it lately. People don't seem to really care about when I mention it. I want to be ready and fully motivated, so I'm just not worrying about it till the schoolweek is over.

1 mile. 36 degrees. BF 183
Mon- 5 miles. Treadmill. BF 188


Maggie Mae said...

Hi Ron,
Thanks for reading along on my blog! Good luck at Knoxville this weekend! Anxious to hear how it goes.

I wanted to let you know I tagged you in my blog--I'm not sure what i think of the game I was introduced to, but your there.

Ron said...

haha, thanks Mags, I believe I am more anxious than you!

Sounds like a fun game. I'll work on it, but after all my prep for the race.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron,

Sorry I'm late, but wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK! for tomorrow, I am sure you will do just fine...