Saturday, March 29, 2008


Man this has been a long week. I am sorry readers for not posting anything these past few days, I have just been busy. The taper has gone well, and the good news is I am prepared for tomorrow physically. Mentally I'm getting there, but not quite in the zone yet.

I've been slaving over times and splits, but I think I am just going to leave it all out there tomorrow. I hate to say I'm running blind, but it sort of feels that way. I haven't raced since November, and I was heck of a lot worse shape then. I really wish I could have gotten the strawberry plains race, but I will have to make due. I guess I can learn from that for the future. This race is a big race for me, but I've sort of already put it behind me. I've been thinking a lot about my goals for the rest of this year, and my plans for running during the summer.

Basically it involves more. More running, stretching, drills, weights, hills, sprints, just more. I'm ready for it and if I'm going to make a huge improvement next year I'll need to do this. I need to do it not just to get faster, but to be healthier so that I can run as much as I plan to. Well I guess instead of hiding it I'll just say that I plan on increasing mileage drastically in a span of 5 months- like nearly doubling it in that time. Not only will that get me prepared for marathons, but it will put me closer to elite athletes training. All that will be left at that point is building speed, and that just takes time.

I've broken this training cycle down pretty much already. Except for this week, I've been good about keeping track of times and efforts. This has been the toughest week out of all of them. Trying to figure out how much to run without overdoing it is tricky, and running track practices afterschool and some pretty rough days at work made for an extremely trying week.

Friday-4 miles slow. 55 degrees Wet- looks like the same tomorrow. GF 68
Thursday - 2 miles at school, legs dead tired. 70 degrees. BF 202
7 miles, 2 at track w/7 hill sprints!! 4 at home. 60 degrees. BF 200
Tuesday- 5 miles. 57 degrees. BF 193

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