Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So I just started running today

For some reason the past few days have been funny. The other night at the soccer complex I looked around and was like, "hey I'm running right now". It's weird to think about how I don't think about running while I'm running. It just never really happens that often. Tonight was a fun night where I again just felt like I was going somewhere, even though it was in circles.

The good old track. It almost took me back tonight, but in a newer fresher way. I remember putting on my dirty, old white spikes at the school and getting ready to fly on our old potholed cinder track. While I laced on my bright shiny Nike forevers I had that same old feeling- knowing you were just going to fly. I went with the girls, well I sort of had too due to timing issues. The guys time themselves, but the girls can't. So we were doing 1200's, I was doing 800's. I would click the watch, let the girls start, then run around them in the third or fourth lane and do my 800's. It worked out perfectly because I was done with my second lap before them and could see their splits. The only bad thing was I got extra recovery time (wait over a minute for them to finish, then add 3 minutes for recovery). Still it wasn't bad.

It felt good to wear spikes again. Ah it just gives you that feeling of power and speed. I'm not real sure what exactly my splits were. I had to throw the stopwatch on the ground, so it took a few seconds to find it and flip it over to see my times, but all were under 3:00, and I'm pretty sure I saw a 2:45 on the last one. I was breathing really good on them and they were not easy. It didn't help not having wore spikes for 8-9 years !!! I was using muscles I had forgot existed, mostly in the calf area. So when the girls were done with their 3 12's, I ran 3 more 800's with the normal rest time. I also ran a one mile warmup and cooldown.

Got home pretty early and still had all my gear on, so I went out for an easy few miles just for aerobic building. Planned 5, but didn't feel right to end in the middle of the course, so I just finished it out for 6 miles. I was going to run this morning, but was tired last night and ended up setting alarm for PM. Duh. I'm glad I did because I got up at my normal time without any alarm (b/c it obviously wasn't going to off for a while). I hope to eliminate the need for the alarm soon, so I can just wake up raceday and be ready. Haha, last night on Seinfeld the same thing happened. Jerry's friend was running a marathon. Jerry told him to stay over because he didn't trust the wakeup call at the hotel and dumb Kramer ended up blowing the fuse with his hot tub so the alarm clock didn't go off. Haha, it was classic.

Legs are worn, but I'm feeling better than ever. I've had less niggles lately and it seems as long as I take it easy on my easy days I'll be doing just fine.

2 miles warmup/down
6x800, all below 3:00 w/4:00 rec.
6(6.5)miles. 42 degrees. GM 325

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