Monday, March 31, 2008

Ron's pyramid math

Last Years Training for 4-01-07:

Total Miles: 126.2
Total Training Time: 62 days (10 weeks)
Longest break in training: 11 days
Total Days off: 34
Average days off a week: 3.4
Days of running: 28
Average miles per day: 2.03
Highest mileage weeks: 25.7-week two, 25 week 6
Longest Run: 8 miles
Race Time: 110.53 minutes, 8.48 minutes

This Years Training for 3-30-08:

Total Miles: 1034.4
Total Training Time: 161 days (23 weeks)
Longest break in training: 2 days
Total Days off: 26
Average days off a week: .88
Days of running: 135
Average miles per day: 7.66
Highest mileage weeks: 70-week twelve, 68-week 22
Longest Run: 26 miles
Race Time: 90.26 minutes, 6.9 minutes

% increases from last pyramid
Miles: +819%
Training Time: +259% and +230%
Longest break: 18%
Days off: 76.4%
Days off per week: 58.8%
Days Running: +482%
Average Miles per Day: +377%
Highest Mileage weeks: +272% for both
Longest Run: +325%
Race Time: 81.6%, 81.6%

as you can see I like to play with numbers. Here is what my next pyramid would have to look like to match my increase/decreases in training methodology- i.e. a long way of saying I should never theoretically improve on an equal scale in comparison to my last training pyramid. Lucky for me I have many many training periods, as well as methods to improve the overall quality of training thus eliminating the need for 819% improvements. I did most of this just for fun, so you can think I'm crazy if you want, but I like numbers sometimes.

8471.73 miles
416 days 52.9 months
.36 longest break in training
19.84 days off
.227 average days off/week
650.7 days of running
28.87 average miles/day
190.4, 184.96 highest weekly mileage
84.5 longest run
73.7 minutes , 5.589 minutes -
a 1:13:42 half with 5:37/mile for equivalent increase

haha Ann, this reminds me of Honors Math!

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Ann said...

We do not speak of math! But hey you always were the one that had the answers. ;)