Thursday, March 20, 2008

going well

Morning run of 5 miles. Wierd clicking thing under the left knee. Tendon seems to be rubbing or not responding correctly. I did do hill sprints yesterday, but I think it was the calf raises last night that caused it.

Later a run at the soccer complex. Again I ran in the zooms. I like switching up lighter shoes with heavier because it "slows" me down. Maybe that's true, or maybe I just work harder to run just as fast, haha. Either way the miles were somewhat tough as the soccer complex offers rolling hills and my legs are tired from yesterday. Tired, but not sore. That means Saturday should be lined up for some speedwork on the track. I'm thinking 1 mile timed, then 2 800's and call it a day (plus a later run of course). Yes, that means I'd like to get up early and go to the track. I think it would be good to practice going fast as early as possible so I'm all set for raceday. This week has been good for that.

AM- 5(5.75)miles @6:54. 36 degrees and sunny. Zoom 144
PM- 6(7)miles @6:48. 55 degrees. Zoom 150

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