Sunday, March 9, 2008

futility and injury

Saturday I took a day off. Legs still hadn't fully recovered from my first workout and I didn't want to put additional miles on top of that.

Legs felt awesome when I woke up this morning. Time change happened last night-that won't help my getting up earlier problems at all. Basktball today felt futile. We were down by 14, came back and was up by 5. The scoreboard then went down and had to be reset, as well I think they were giving points to the other team that we were scoring. Regardless the other team had 2 guys hit EVERY three pointer they shot, and they shot a lot. When I say EVERY, I literally mean they did not miss a single three. Kind of hard to win with that phenomenon going on. I made a few to compensate, but it was just too much. We lost by a good margin.

- the run tonight started off wierd. I took a nap after basketball and when I woke up I had a pain in my knee. Well just under my left knee and to the left to be specific. Anyway it hurt during the run on leg extension, so my steps were really short. I didn't want them to be, but my body naturally compensated for the hurt knee. I think it is a bruise. I also have a bruise on my left hip bone, to coincide with the one on my right hip bone. By the end of the run the knee wasn't so bad, but it still didn't feel right. That just sucks because my legs were feeling so great today. Tomorrow I'm doing another workout, and we'll see what happens with the knee stuff.

7(8)miles @6:51. 40 degrees. BF127


Ann said...

I find it easier to push through foot and knee pain than hip pain. That is just frustrating. I hope you are feeling good now. Crazy that you would run with that much bruising. And that is why you are the runner and I'm the dancer.

Ron said...

I don't like pushing through pain, especially not knee pain, but I'll do it if necessary. Knee surgery is no good, nuh uh, no way.