Monday, March 17, 2008

dead legs

Legs are really tired lately. Today the right calf was pretty tight too. Not a lot to do about it, just kind of waiting for relief next week during my taper. Once I get some fresh legs under me I'll feel a lot better about the race. I've pretty much decided to cut out my speed session and replace it with hills. The course preview pretty much blew up my quads, but I think a lot of that was lingering from other workouts and normal runs too.

So maybe tommorow the legs will feel better and I get some hills in. If that works out I'll be able to do some light speedwork on Saturday, then take it easy all the way to the race. Sounds like a good enough plan for now. Pace was fine on this last one, felt like a fast jog. I kept it held back a lot because I knew I was going for ten on these legs.

10(11.37)miles @7:07. 60 degrees. Zoom 139

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