Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hill sprints. Whoa today was crazy. I was hoping to get in 8 quality hills sprints, it was more like 3, then died for 5 more. First I started off with 6 miles at steady pace. The largest hill I have to overcome in the half is well, at the half. So I wanted to simulate that run by putting my hills in after running approximately 6.5 miles. I was already breathing pretty good by the time I got back to the HH after 2 laps around the hood. That usually doesn't matter, because once I start hiking up and up, my body reacts to that and I don't even feel tired anymore.

The first sprint was the fastest, strongest, and toughest. The wind today was not good- 23-25 mph and coming right at my body all the way up. I was just about blown off the road once and probably looked like I was running drunk swerving like I was. Not only that, but it started to rain. So now I got rain pelting me in the face, wind blowing me around, and of course the giant hill I'm wanting to sprint up 8 times consecutively. whew.

So the first 3 were just me against God. I was so hyped to run these today and it just felt like he was trying to break my spirit. I didn't let it happen. Not today. 6 would have been good enough. I was dead after the first 3, I mean I felt like I was crawling up. So I did one more just to say I did more than I thought I could. Tough, tough workout, but I'll be much stronger because of it. Bring on the half marathon in decent weather.

11(12)miles @6:57 +7 HH sprints. 55 degrees 25 mph wind+rain. BF 165

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