Monday, March 10, 2008

bad knee saga

oh dear. The knee was terrible today. I could hardly walk up stairs, walking regularly was painful, and I was pretty worried that I had done something major to it. All day long like this. Sitting when I could, walking with a limp. I took a Motrin after school at 3. Track practice was at four and it was still hurting even then. Not real sure what happened, maybe I dislodged something or forgot about it or the motrin kicked in, but it just stopped hurting. I was thinking, "sweet, now I can run my workout of 800's". But my smart side took over and instead of doing that I chose to wait and see.

I got home and still nothing, this was now 4 hours after the motrin, and it should have worn off by then. So I went for an easy run which turned into my 10 miles. Tried some new shoes, they were nice, but my sensor was slipping which lowered my miles to 8:00, and I was running much faster- oh well. It was NOt pain-free. My calves were tight from yesterday, as well as the hams, and the ankles were pretty beat up too. But....the knee was perfect. Even now there is absolutely no pain, I can just walk around. Someone must have put a prayer up for me or something. Just miraculous.

I'm so happy now. My biggest fear- a major injury that would keep me from reaping the rewards of all my hard work- seems to be averted. Now I just have to hold steady mileage and maybe to a few speed days and I should be pretty prepared to run a decent half.

10(10.55)miles @7:21. 46 nice and cool. Explosion 10

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