Wednesday, March 12, 2008

track meet and workout

Yesterday was the track meet. It was fun playing track coach. Had a few kids stand out, but Oak Ridge distance looked better coming off their state championship in cross country *cough 4:24mile cough*. I was happy with our results, but we've got plenty of work to do.

Obviously no running yesterday, it was late when I got home and by the time I ate it was time for sleep.

Today was good, sent the distance guys out and watched the sprinters workout. Tomorrow is our own meet. Well just between our own team members for fun. Should be interesting. We're having it because not everyone got to go to the practice meet yesterday.

Stayed until everyone was gone, then did my workout on the track. I just went by feel on this one. CALVES!!! they are so friggin tight lately. Nothing loosens them up. I ran my warmups and did running drills, then got started. I am beginning to feel like I have rocks instead of calves. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. I'm guessing it's just overworked muscle fiber, but it has been this way for a while so they must really be overworked.

1200m @4:23
800m @2:56, 2:56
400 @74
800m @2:52, 2:50
Forever- 3

I could have ran more, but again the calves were destroyed before I even started, so it just wasn't necessary. Was breathing somewhat hard on these, but I like hills better. I just feel faster running uphill for some reason. I guess I can really use my major muscles more so I feel stronger. These times aren't great....yet. It's still early for me, and I didn't get the strength foundation from my hill training that I really wanted.

Oh yeah, I also ran 6 miles when I got home. I figured the legs were shot so I might as well tack on some more. Another run under 7:00, I seem to be improving. Oh and if you really want to see improvement, check my training log for the first week when I ran some 1200's. I ran those just for comparison sake later on-- now that's planning ahead.

6(6.5)miles @6:54. Zoom 129

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