Monday, March 31, 2008


Not much to say about today other than word SORE. I am sore from my ankles through calves, hams, quads, shoulders, back, pecks, lowerback, fingernails and everywhere else. Basically from the neck down I'm hurting. Still, I got my run in today. It felt good. I like running when my body is in total pain. It's almost like purifying myself to the pain. I haven't been this sore since I can't remember when, but I will remember this day for a long long time- the day after a hard hilly half marathon and putting up 35 points a few hours later in a tournament league basketball game.

2 miles with April, she died and told me to keep on, so I finished out with a super easy 5 miles. Stopped to pet the pugs on the way. Beautiful night, although all day long it was rainy and cloudy.

5(6)miles @7:45. 65 degrees sunny. Zoom 155

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