Sunday, March 16, 2008

sundy duble

5 miles this morning. It was nice to wake up early and get outside before church. Enjoyable morning with some nice cool air.

Had lunch with April's fam at Famous Dave's. Talk about fattt. Had some barbeque ribs smothered in sauce. Not exactly the healthiest meal, but it was delicious. No basketball today. Drove up there and lights were off. Turned around and went home.

7 miles at the soccer complex tonight. Legs were sore this morning and the same was true tonight. That didn't stop me from going fast. I thought I was going rather slow, but in reality I was probably going faster because I was trying to make up for the legs being sore. Didn't feel very good, erratic breathing and legs tired till 5, but after that started feeling good. 6:20 last mile felt effortless and powerful.

AM 5(5.64)miles @6:54. 42 degrees. BF 139
PM 7(8)miles @6:38. 55 degrees. BF 146

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