Friday, December 19, 2008


The wind is ridiculous today. I went to the soccer complex as I hadn't been there for a bit and it went okay. I was sore from yesterday's workout, especially in the gluteus maximus. Still I was feeling in need of a long easy run. Unfortunately that didn't really happen. It was pretty warm outside, but I was being blown all over the place and having to work twice as hard just to maintain a decent pace. Eventually I just started slogging into the wind as I didn't care anymore about pace and just wanted this run to be over before it started. Running into this crazy wind just felt like going backwards. I managed about ten miles and called it quits.

I figured I could run a half hour on the treadmill and see how that went. The treadmill was a welcome change. I started to get hungry about as soon as I got on, but I wanted to get the run over so I could make a phone call afterward. I was going to take a break as my sweat towel fell off in the first five minutes, but I never did. I just kept going. It felt good to run without being blown all over the place. I normally dont' mind wind, but considering what I did yesterday I really just needed an easy day to recover.

Tonight I also did a treadmill workout at 7.5 for the first half hour, then 7.8, and eventually up to 8. I was going to pause for a drink, but I guess I was feeling good and just kept going. It was a nice run and I was happy again not to be running in the wind. Quads are now sore as well as the booty, but it always takes two days for soreness so either I'm ahead of the curve, or tomorrow is gonna suck to be me.

8:50 am. soccer complex/tread.
60 degrees wind 18 mph from SSW.
1:53:09, bf 879

6:45pm. treadmill.
1:12:12, bf 888

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