Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I knew right away I wasn't going to be doing any hills today. It wasn't anything bad, I just felt my legs were really tired. Secondly the wind was 17-20 miles per hour, coming from the south. That means I would be running uphill, and into the wind with tired legs. Not gonna happen. So I might do another run later on tonight and try to work in hills tomorrow. It was insanely warm today, even with the wind, and i wore just shorts and and a t-shirt. It's December for winter's sake!

The church dinner is either Wed or Thurs. I am not sure. April is still sick. She has been coughing like a maniac and has a fever. I feel bad that I've been stand-offish, but I really don't want to be sick. She was sick a month ago, traded it to me, and now it's back to her. I'm hoping it isn't my turn again next. So I could ask her what the day is, but I don't know if she'd be alive enough to answer correctly. She went to work today anyway because she took yesterday off, but they didn't need me so I am at home.

11:45 am. home. 57 degrees 20mph wind shorts and tshirt? crazy.
1:13:33, gm 709

Tonight I had a rabbit to chase. I guess there is a new guy running at the track. Maybe it was just the weather. Anyway I already had about half an hour done into my run and I saw a guy up ahead. Naturally I just kind of locked on to see if I could gain on him. For two miles I stayed within distance, but didn't seem to be gaining. But on the third mile I noticed I was gaining quite a bit, especially into the wind as it was about 12-15 mph, as well as on the hills. I had about two more laps to go and so for the next lap I came just within reach of him, making up a ton of time on the hill and I could tell he was slowing a bit too because I just maintained a steady pace. Coming around for the final lap I took him on the outside as we were heading into the wind. I passed and said how's it going, then did my next mile, pretty much leaving him way behind. Not so much because I wanted to burn him or anything, but just because that is normally how I like to finish a run with a strong mile. So that made the run go by faster for sure, although I don't think it helped too much with keeping an easy pace. He was moving along at a pretty good clip actually.

4:50pm. soccer complex. 60 degrees 12-15mph wind.
1:05:03, gm 717

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