Saturday, December 27, 2008


A little rough getting back on the running horse. The first 20 minutes I felt really dead. I think all the Christmas goodies caught up to me. I ran for another 10 minutes and I saw a neighbor who always says hi to me. I normally mumble a few words and keep going, but I told myself the next time I saw him I would be sure to talk. And so I paused my run and said something along the lines of "Why wait till the new year" which of course was referencing all the people who will make a resolution, but put if off till new years day.

What I forgot to consider was that my heart rate was a bit higher than normal due to the abnormally hot day - close to 70 degrees. When I stopped I didn't walk or anything. The man's name was Ed. He was telling me about how his son had ran Boston and was like 250th place, not too shabby. His son also ran New York, and had to be carried off the course because he passed out.... About this time my head started getting really dizzy and everything looked as if it were blurry. Blood was rushing to my head and I was going anywhere. My heart was still pumping like crazy and I started to feel really light headed. I hunched over and put my hands on my knees, trying not to be rude to the older gentleman telling me about his life. I really felt like I was going to pass and then just sort of said, "Well I better get back it". As soon as I started running again i felt kind of normal, but my stomach now was tied in a knot and so I decided to stop for a drink of gatorade.

That helped a bit, but it was still unusually warm and I've been running in near freezing weather for about a month or so. It wasn't a very fun run I must admit. But I'm glad I got out there and put in some work. It's been two full days of rest, so at least it broke the streak. I also realized I didn't do hills this week, but after feeling how dead my legs were, it may have took some extra motivation to make it up the ginormous hill at dowell springs a dozen times. Long run tomorrow. Will try for 3 hours, but hopefully it won't be quite as warm as today.

2:30pm. home. 68 degrees, 12 mph wind.
1:04:21, bf 927

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