Saturday, December 6, 2008


A nice run today. I had lots of options as I have Monday off, so I could sort of move runs around a lot more. I got up later so that ruled out a double, and I didn't really feel a long run today. So I decided to go for my now usual 13 miler. It went well. I listened to a podcast, the only bad part was it wasn't long enough and I didn't have it as part of a playlist so I actually listened to two and half times through. Somehow it kind of made the run easier as I felt like I was starting over again and again and the miles went by fast enough.

Only one other walker was at the complex today. Soon there will be no friends to run by though. Legs were dragging a little today actually and at first I thought I might have to cut the run a bit short. But by the time I started getting into a nice easy groove things started rolling and I was looking forward to the next lap. That's kind of been my thing at the complex, is looking forward to the next lap instead of dreading it. Psychologically it has helped me to get through the runs, so take a note all those who are just starting to run. Running really is 90% mental, 10% physical.

April was sick today so we aren't going to the Christmas tree play. I actually wanted to go to it because the next one I've been to twice and it's the same each year. I doubt we'll be lucky enough to get out of that one : )

3:45 pm. soccer complex. 32 degrees overcast.
1:46:23, gm 662

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