Thursday, December 4, 2008


Morning run in light rain. Felt alright on this one, but definitely wanted to end early. It was pretty strong rain at first, but slowly died down which was nice. Sweatpants were a bad choice on this one as they got wet and eventually weighed about 10 pounds and started falling down a bit. Kind of a slower run, but definitely just felt good to be out in the morning. It was nice to actually get up this morning. I feel a lot better about the day already because I already have about half of my running done.

6:15 am. home. 41 light rain.
49:00, gm 631

Second run tonight. Not much better than this morning. I was hungry and felt weak. Legs were kind of shaky because of it, and I had a strong urge to quit from 20 minutes clear up to about an hour into the run. Doesn't seem like a long time, but when you're stomach feels empty and legs are shaking it's hard to not veer off the path back to the car. It was nice not running in the rain, that's for sure. Sweatpants are pretty much my new best friend. My calves and quads thank you sweaties, for keeping them nice and warm.

Pace seems to be falling off a bit, but that's expected with the mileage increase again. I had a big dropoff because of the foot, so I'm trying to get back near the 100 miles/week range again. It won't be hard to do if I run twice a day. It was awesome to do that today, but because April had to work over 15 minutes I turned out getting home from my night run about the same time as usual - 7:30. But I would have been out till after 8:00 otherwise, so that's a huge difference. I like running twice a day, but obviously there are some fuel issues that need to be taken care of as I was so weak on the second run. The thing is I actually ate More than usual today, a banana for breakfast - which i never usually eat, as well as McDonald's as a treat, normal lunch, then some laraba bar just before the run (I was already hungry before it even started). So I think I may need to take some granola bar or something to eat while at work late in the afternoon. I know I always talk about murals and never get it going, but I'm getting kind of desperate at this point. 8am getting in, 5pm getting off work stuff is crappy once you factor in traffic and breakfast and all the other jazz it leaves like 10 minutes of daylight. Gah, but anyway I hope something works out soon so I can feel normal and not like I'm just running in perpetual darkness.

well enough rant for the day. I am excited that the foot is feeling normal again, not really ready to test any other shoes for a few weeks, but at least I can run without pain. Fitness should be increasing a lot with starting hills, then I'll be ready for repeats and all that track stuff I haven't really gotten into since high school. If I can get into good track shape, I'm sure that will totally blast my longer distance paces up too. Looking forward to that.

6:15 pm. soccer complex. 37 degrees.
1:12:02, gm 640

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