Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The power was out which threw a lot of things off. I stayed up late last night watching a movie so a lot of the schedule was my fault as well. Mostly I couldn't do a lot of things I had planned, like eating. It's amazing how advanced we are. I was going to have to go out to lunch because I couldn't cook anything without power. But just as I was about to leave the power came back on. I had to run errands today which was frustrating. The line at the post office was so long I left after waiting ten minutes because there were still 30 people that needed to be helped. I figured it would be another half hour at least so I just left.

The one good thing about today was that i got to run early and in the sunlight. It was nicer earlier in the day with some sun, but by the time I got out it was cloudy and wet from all the rain we had last night and this morning. I started with a loop around the block and headed to the HH for my hill workout which was 6 repeats with rest inbetween. I wore my free's today as I knew I would mostly be on my toes for the hills and figured there wasn't much it could hurt. I'll just skip to the meat and say that the hills went particularly well. I felt really good on them, my legs were tired, but I wasn't gasping for air. That's not to say I wasn't breathing hard, I definitely was, but it was a controlled hard-breathing and not just survival. I took just a slightly extra recovery at the bottom of the hill by jogging about fifty meters to a mailbox and then back to the base of the hill for the next (normally I just jog downhill) So I think that really helped with recovery. These weren't really mean't for the anaerobic stuff anyway and are more for leg strength so I figured it couldn't hurt.

After the last hill I felt pretty tired, quads, hams, and a bit of calves but I still felt like running. I wanted to see how far I could go so I did another two loops around the neighborhood. By the second one though i was struggling a bit. Legs were tired, but it wasn't that. It was all the energy I spent on the hills. I was depleted and I knew it. I wasn't at a good stopping point, but finally I made it back to the house for a bite of marathon bar and some juice. I finished up the tiny bit of 13 minutes left that I wanted to run and called it a day. I've really been handing it to the legs lately so I took an ice bath; only, when I got in with just plain water I found that to be more than cold enough and left the ice out of it. The legs appreciated it and are feeling really good now.

3:45pm. home. 55 degrees overcast (more shorts and t).
1:36:05, bf 778

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