Monday, December 1, 2008


One month left this year. Just crazy. Time seems to fly when you've recorded it. Anyway...things were great till this afternoon when my foot started hurting a bit at work. Crap. So yeah the pain was back, but at least it wasn't like full out. I think it may be the shoes. Yeah they are kiiiind of worn out..... if by 'kind of' I mean totally. So I'll have to switch back to the moires, since yesterday I wore the frees and today there is pain I think it's fair to assume they are connected.

But I was determined to run, I would even go as far as to say I was craving a good long run. So tonight I just kept going through the pain and ran. It was great. I felt good through the whole run. I was happy to be running, even though on a gimpy foot, at least it wasn't raining or sleeting.

5:40 pm. soccer complex. 36 (28 w/windchill) degrees.
1:45:00, bf 597

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