Monday, December 8, 2008


My legs were a little sore today from the run yesterday. Yes, only a little. I didn't quite stretch as much as I wanted to last night, but I think the ice bath would have given a tiny bit of improvement on the soreness. So I thought today I would try for a normal medium-long run and see where things went. It was an easy enough run. The hardest part is just being out there. I love running, don't get me wrong, but I don't exactly have a lot of variety to my 3 courses, two of which basically repeat themselves over and over. Ipod helps me stay motivated, but I wish I had wide open areas where I could just run through the woods or like a huge golf course would be nice.

The legs weren't all that sore, but they were tired. Counting down laps I only struggled toward the last few of them, and even then it wasn't like I was dying. I still had enough at the end for a nice half mile sprint or so which felt really good. The legs have turned over nicely for me today and yesterday, but I think it's just because I was only wearing shorts. The sweatpants tend to restrict movement, especially a higher knee lift which is basically where most speed comes from. Other than the legs being a bit tired the run was easy and I felt really good afterwards. All I keep thinking is that if I can run a half marathon any given day, that should mean I could run a decent marathon right? I don't know. It's a loooong way and only gets tougher the farther you get.

Tomorrow I'm planning hills at home, but I would rather do them Wednesday. I'll have to see if we are still going to the church thing, if not I may move it. I have work tomorrow too, so it looks like I'll be doing hills in the darkness.

3:45 pm. soccer complex. 47 degrees 5mph wind.
1:45:07, gm 700

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