Friday, December 5, 2008


A run around the hood tonight. Felt really good actually, I just didn't feel like being out in the dark all night, probably could have stayed out another half hour or so, but April was brining home dinner so I decided that was a bad idea. Still a good 9 miles so tomorrow I'll only need like 11-12 to get up near 85 miles.... Seems kind of crazy to be running that after the past few weeks, but it's actually been really easy to bounce back from the injury and sickness. Foot is doing much better. I had that scare a few days back, but since then I've felt nothing other than a twinge or two at work. So it's definitely not 100% or anything, but still good enough to do some quality hills.

I plan to get at least 12 in tomorrow, but I'd rather do two runs. It just depends on if I can run in the morning. April's car sounds like it's falling apart, so we'll have to have it worked on tomorrow. The guys at worked looked at it today, and it is definitely something to do with the belt or alternator making some kind of grinding sound- not good. I don't know because I'm not a car-guy. Anyway that will probably take the morning, so I'm planning 12 before we go to the Living Christmas Tree! whoooo. Yeah I'm not really excited about it, but it's just one of those things you have to do, only I'll be doing it again next week somewhere else, ach. See you tomorrow.

7:40 pm. home. 30 degrees (undershirt, turtleneck, jacket, sweatpants, headband, 2 gloves).
, gm 649

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