Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Pretty decent day today actually. I got to do something other than stuff envelopes, which was a nice change, but completely stressful. I got to load the mailing machine with about 50,000 pieces of mail. There is a machine that prints all the addresses. It estimates the time, when I started on it the timer was at 1 hour 30 minutes...So yeah I had to cut open boxes, get the mail ready to load, and break down the boxes, while checking for backwards envelopes and making sure non get stuck in the belt and making sure to listen to Loy so I could stop the feeder if she needed. So yeah, not exactly sitting around. It was fun, but I was right by a window and the sun was beating down on me so I was hot. It is usually cold in there so I was dressed warm and couldn't really avoid it. Other than that it was kind of fun keeping up with the machine and juggling everything else.

Tonight was another good run. No foot pain at work today, and the same for the run tonight. Summation: nike frees, while there is a good chance they didn't cause the initial injury, didn't provide enough cushion to injured area thereby re-aggravating said injury :-) So yeah I wore them one day, the next day foot hurt. Switched shoes and now no pain again.... All learning experiences aside, I'm just happy to be able to run without pain. That is the main thing - staying healthy or at least running pain-free.

It was warmer today, was about 50 when i got to the soccer complex, but cooled down with the sunset. The only times I felt cold was when running into the wind on the last few laps. I'd say the wind was around 10 mph and my longsleeve doesn't exactly provide a lot of breakage for the wind. But it was a really good run. The laps went by fast and I was only breathing hard a few times on the inclines. Yesterday's hills didn't really seem to do much as I thought and there was only the very faintest of soreness in my hams during the run. The declines are the worst part of the run at the soccer complex, mostly because I'm putting pressure on my injured foot and theres really no way to avoid it. Going slower seems to make it even worse, so it's almost a kamikaze like trip down the hills.

So as long as I keep wearing good cushioned shoes, or at least not minimalist shoes I think the injury will go away. All the same I've ran 3 days straight of 13 miles, so there's nothing at all to complain about. I've been wanting to split my runs up, but I just can't drag myself up in the morning. I woke up at 4 am this morning and just turned the alarm clock forward and went back to sleep, haha. So yeah I'm not sure what motivation I need to wake up, but hopefully I can just do it. Splitting my runs up will not only give me more time running, but more time at night to eat, work on things, and still have time to relax. At this point I get home at 7:30, eat (if April cooks otherwise it takes another half hour) till 8, watch tv for an hour, do extra stretches and drills, blog, then start winding down to go sleep at 10:30-11. Mostly I'm just not motivated to do "work". I'll try anyway though.

5:35. soccer complex. 46 degrees 10mph wind (longsleeve, undershirt, shorts, gloves)
1:45:03, gm 623

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