Thursday, December 25, 2008


Today I did my first runcast. I didn't really prepare anything and just sort of winged it. Maybe next time I will think it through a little, but hey it's not like I'm a perfectionist....well hopefully not with this anyway. The run went fine. It was a nice 57 degrees, shorts and t-shirt were just fine. It let up raining and I ended up running outside. It was just a drizzle by the time I started and wasn't raining at all within the first mile. I had to end the run short so I would have time to get ready. Just an oversight on my part. I also didn't know I would be doing a runcast. I saw the camera sitting there and just did it at the last minute since I actually thought of a topic.

I also might do a podcast as well, which I think i would enjoy more. I can't really run with a $300 camera in hand. Well I can, but I obviously don't want to risk breaking it. So I think I could do a podcast on the run and it would be a little better. It is interesting to see myself talking. That is....weird. I mean normally you only talk to other people, so seeing yourself blabbing away on a screen is a little unsettling at first. I guess being famous isn't all that it's cracked up to be, but I'm not famous so maybe I have no clue what I'm talking about. Sorry for rambling.

So I ended the run and went to have family time. I totally didn't realize we wouldn't be getting home till 1 am, or I probably would have done a lot of stuff earlier today as now I'm wide awake because I haven't got my blog fix. So I'm getting this thing done now (after laying in bed for a half hour with eyes wide open) and hopefully it'll be out of my head and I can sleep. Adios, see you Christmas.

3pm. home. 57 overcast, wet.
42:03, bf 919

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