Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Eh. Foot is bothersome again. But the good news is that the run went well. Another good amount of time spent outdoors. It was cold tonight, but not bad. Same deal as yesterday, only this time I had a turtleneck under my longsleeve. I've also been wearing sweatpants over my shorts. It's worked out well. They are older so they are thin and are really loose so not too restricting. It's nice not having frozen legs.

So I ran in the neighborhood tonight. Other than the traffic it was great, ....well and the foot stuff. Breathing was good. I also decided to do some hills. These actually made the foot feel better as I was on my toes more. I did one for each loop around the neighborhood. I originally thought three would be good. I was going up them at a good clip, but not sprinting or anything crazy. The first two felt good, the third was pretty tough, and the fourth was pretty sad, but definitely doable. Four loops around the hood actually wasn't that boring. It was certainly much better than 13 around the soccer complex.

So I seem to be back on track fitness wise. Unfortunately the foot doesn't want to cooperate. I really thought it was healed up, but apparently the nike frees were just too thin to provide enough cushion. I kind of regret wearing them, but you live and you learn. Another day of work tomorrow, but we are almost finished with the job so I might have the rest of week off. Who knows though they might find something else for me to do. In the meantime I'm going to try to get up early and run, but no guarantees. I am definitely not a morning person, and with Mercedes getting me up the past two days at 3 am, I'm kind of lacking in the full night of sleep department. Ok, update more tomorrow.

5:40 pm. home +hills. 34 degrees.
1:46:18, gm 610

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