Saturday, December 13, 2008


Did sort of a slower run today. I was hoping to get to at least 1:45 or so, but once I got there I just said screw it and went for the full two hours. It was a little bit more energy than I felt like giving, but I figured it was only a couple miles so no big deal. The run went fine. There is a woman down the street who normally says something to me as I run by. Today she said "You're just like the post office, wind, rain, or snow" I jokingly came back with "That would be a great job for me" and then I mimicked pulling out mail from my satchel and tossing it in mailboxes as I ran by. It was definitely a tension breaker and got me through the last twenty minutes of the run with a smile.

2:52pm. home. 43 degrees.
2:01:08, bf 817


Maggie Mae said...

Hi--thanks for the comments! I'm anxious to hear how Knoxville goes for you in March...I've thought about doing that one, actually...

Ron said...

hey maggie thanks for dropping by my blog. The Knoxville track club here does a nice job putting on the marathon. It's a younger marathon as it's only been around for 5 or so years and I think they have the kinks worked out. I've done the half twice and the volunteers are awesome and the post-race is really great too.

It is HILLY though. I'll keep you updated :)