Sunday, November 30, 2008

posting everyday?

Well I've looked around the innernets a bit and I've seen lots of abandoned blogs or blogs of doom that have only a few posts a year. Having had a few of these, I know that it is quite an easy thing to do, so I'm not condemning anyone. Since I've been getting more serious about my training, I've found that my blog is another tool, like running shoes for my mind. It keeps me motivated because I can go back to any given day and see how I felt, what was going on, and how the training went - for the most part. It has definitely gotten easier to post a blog for some reason. I'm not sure exactly why.

Posting everyday may seem like a crazy or even absurd thing to do. What could I possibly have to say about running each day? Well honestly it's been super easy to find things to write about, and when theres nothing interesting in running I can post something else like how I feel or some thoughts that I've had. I like posting everyday because this is basically my daily training journal. So i like to stay consistent in the blog, just as I do in my daily running. Pretty simple idea I suppose, but it is definitely working for me. I do usually try to keep it short just to sort of cut the fat and get to the point, so I hope that has helped with the content a bit.

There is also some kind of accountability to the blog. In essence a blog is nothing. It barely qualifies as existence because it is just out there in cyberspace somewhere floating around. Amazing how something intangible can affect a real person, but it does, at least for me anyway. I don't think it's really about being accountable to "readers" of the blog either. I just post what I think and feel and if someone likes it then that is awesome, and if they don't that is perfectly fine too. So I guess there are many layers and mystique to the blog when you get down to it, but I will continue to be as consistent as I possibly can for myself and my running first, and hopefully readers will enjoy and not get too bored with my daily commentaries :-)

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