Monday, November 17, 2008


The foot is still "broken". Well maybe not, but it hurts like crap. I went running today anyway at the ball camp park. I figured if I stayed in the soccer fields on the grass I'd be okay. It still hurt. I'm not sure what happened? I mean one treadmill workout and it feels like it got beat by a hammer? I hardly even land on that part of my foot. It's right in the middle, so it should be a transition impact, not a direct one.... anyway it is definitely hurt I just don't know how bad.

Either way as long as I can run I will. I plan to stay with the grass idea and hopefully by this weekend it will either feel better or fingers crossed, be completely gone. Things sometimes happen like that. One day you're hurt and the next day it's like nothing ever happened. I hope it's one of those times.

Still no results posted for the race yesterday. I hate waiting to find my time. I almost stayed for the awards yesterday, but it was freezing, I didn't feel good, and my foot was killing me so I wanted to just get out of there.

5:10pm. ball camp soccer fields. 42-38 degrees.
1:05.02, bf 744

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