Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Found the results yesterday. Drumroll.................18:35! Yeah I broke into the 18's. I wasn't expecting such a big drop in my time, but hey there it is. A 26 second PR in about a month's time! I'm very happy with that race. It's a shame my foot is hurting now. I won't ever take health for granted again. I think I'll add something on my front page about that. So yeah I didn't win any age group things, but there were a ton of great runners out and I knew there would be because it's a bigger race. I got 26th overall and 7th in my age group.

I couldn't find the results anywhere but here http://www.totalracesolutions.com/2008/Nov/buddyssplitoverall.html so you can scroll down and find me if you want I of course took the chip time considering it was about a 4 seconds difference to get to the start line after the gun. It feels great to see a time come down that much. I mean, you just know that your training paid off. I really see that time totally dropping again though because of how I felt during the race. Yes, it was hard, yes I was tired, but I could have been "more" tired. My legs were the only thing holding me back really. Breathing wise I was fine. All that says is that with hill-training and speedwork I'll be able to maintain a faster pace easily, instead of willing my legs to go faster than they normally do.

Yesterdays run was a good indicator as well. The foot was hurting, but the run felt faster than normal. I did enjoy running on the grass though. It takes a more conscious effort to maintain as you really have to get your feet off the ground quickly. I plan on running on grass a lot more. I was thinking if we had a golf course around here that would be nice, but they'd kick me off because there'd be a path around that sucker in a month or so.

I'm excited and worried right now. I'm worried about the foot dragging down training, but I'm excited that I have so much improvement left to be made. It's crazy that a year ago I was 20:47, now 18:35. That elusive high school time is growing closer and closer.....

will post more after I run.

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