Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Started at the soccer complex, but when it started to rain I decided I didn't want none o' that. I sat in the car for oh about a minute, then said forget that too and drove home. I decided it would be better to run on the treadmill. I've never done much if any speedwork on a treadmill, and I really wanted to get some fast stuff in as I wanted the rest of the week to be easy running.

stayed at 7.6, then increased 8.1,8.6,9.1 and back down holding for 1mile/.5/.25. Then I took a quick break as that took about 22 minutes. Next I went 7.7/8.0 for over a mile, then held 8.6 for .5, 9.1 for .5, 9.6 for .25, then 10(max) for .25 and then back down. That took a good 30 minutes as I held 8.0 for a while at the end. Yeah my treadmill only goes to 10, but it was pretty fast and there's no way I could hold that for longer than I did. I did like going up to fast speeds and coming back down because it makes 8.0 seem so much easier.

Treadmill running is good for turnover, but not strength. I think you can get faster on a treadmill, but I don't think you can get stronger. So for those who solely rely on a treadmill I think they will have excellent turnover. I mean basically I turnover twice as fast just to hold the same speed on ground. So as long as you do some hill running every now and then, I think you could totally run almost everything on a treadmill. Unfortunately it is rather boring. I had the great internet streaming video movie playing, so it didn't seem too long, but I also took a break halfway and that helped too.
5pm. soccer complex/tread. 54 degrees/treadmill.
1:12:01, exp 44

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