Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well things didn't really go as planned today. It was supposed to quit raining, but it never did, at least through the afternoon when it was supposed to be "partly cloudy" around 5. Finally around 3:30 it was somewhat not raining much and so I figured I might be able to get a 2 hour run in. It seemed like everything was going great. I got out to the soccer complex and was running really well. There were some puddles to dodge, but I could see the sun in the distance with an open spot with no clouds. To the east I could see the dark masses of cloud moving away and I was feeling pretty good about that. Then about an hour into the run I noticed more dark masses moving in again from the west, blotting out the sun. It got dark and then there was a sprinkle. No biggie, it probably wouldn't rain. Then another, and within about 10 seconds it was a total downpour. Rain was filling the sky and I could barely see where I was going and had to use my hand as a sort of hat to shield my eyes so I could run.

After about five minutes of this, with no signs of stopping I was nearly back to the car. I decided to just call it a day. I was completely dripping wet and my shoes, shorts, and longsleeve were soaked through. So not exactly a long run by any means. In fact that barely qualifies as a short run. I guess it's better than nothing though. I wore my nike frees and it felt really good to wear them, definitely could tell a difference in speed or at least perceived speed. NO signs of injury remain in the foot!

3:45 pm. soccer complex. 43 degrees, cloudy, then downpour.
1:05:34, bf 584

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