Sunday, November 16, 2008

11.16.08 - Buddy's Race

Well I was so busy trying to get to the start line on time I didn't even think about the foot hurting :) I made it with about 5 minutes to spare, although I didn't really get a warm up in which sucked. Especially for a cold day like today where we had snow flurries in the morning. It was a little over 40 degrees at the line, with some here and there. I was nervous driving there, and really I didn't feel ready for the start. I mean I did literally zero jogging other than from the hotel to the line.

Soon enough there was a bang and I was definitely farther back than I had planned to be. Tons of people were ahead of me, but I knew they would all die sooner or later. I worked my way through them. The pace was pushing it, but I definitely knew I could probably hold it for 5k. It was cold. I heard a few guys complaining or commenting on it, and I was feeling it too. The legs were pretty numb. Made it to the first downhill and passed a few people, and few more right after that on an uphill section, starting to find a groove. I felt good about then and the cold was starting to fade.

At the 1 mile mark I ran by the timers and heard nothing so I yelled out TIME! and they said 5:50. i figured I might have even been a little ahead of that since I was past them. Good, I thought. I feel like I'm running about what they said, and that's a good sign because I wasn't going too fast. Another hill to traverse, then a long flat out. I had a few people in my sights, one of them a kid. Not sure how old, but certainly younger than me. Then I pass another kid, who happens to be one of my track guys! He said "hey coach". Actually he was the second, I saw another earlier just after the mile mark. That one said hey coach too, but I replied, I'm getting in shape here! and took off. My other track guy was doing well, but was fading, as was the younger kid. I could hear him breathing heavy. I found an extra half step at 2 miles and reached it in about 12:05, just leaving those two behind. I calculated another 6 minute mile I might be able to run would give me my 18, but I forgot to add in the .1 or I might have pushed it even a little harder ;)

Now was a straight shot to the huge brick bridge. Unfortunately it was right into the headwind and the hills were coming too.
Now I felt the calves and legs starting to burn. A big hill, then another. The brick bridge gave me some problems as my shoes with 700+ miles offered little grip and I could feel them "slipping" a bit each time I pushed off. I really wish I had been able to obtain a pair of Lunar racers. Heck that might have even prevented the bottom of the foot pain I was having from that crappy treadmill run.

A few guys in red were ahead of me, but I couldn't close the gap. I just didn't have the legs. They were burning from those hills, but I knew the other guys were burning worse and I kept pushing. At one point I even thought to myself "Is this the same course I ran a month ago?" It felt a lot harder now for some reason. Last hill I struggled up, but maintained. I was closing a bit on a redshirt, but the other red had passed him and taken off. It was the last downhill section and I was really turning over, but not smooth. I was bumbling down like a maniac and trying to catch this guy. I saw him turn the corner for the last 20 meters to the finish and I kicked a little. Breathing was good, but legs were totally gone at this point. I almost caught him at the end, but just didn't have it, maybe came within 5 or 10 feet.

It was a good race. But afterward my foot was killing me. I had to sit down and practically limped to the car. It was also cold and I just wanted to go home. April said there were only about 8 people ahead of me, but there may have been more. I guess I will find out when the results are posted. Hopefully the bottom-outside foot bruise thing will heal up in the next few days. I still plan on running, but might have to go down to ball camp park so I can run on the grass- that actually sounds like a good idea. I'll do that and just go cautiously from there. As for the time today I'm going to take a guess at 18:30. I HOPE it was that fast. I knew if I held on the last mile I had a chance, so we'll see. I KNOW I'm capable of running faster than today, but given the foot and the crazy start I'll be happy with whatever time shows up.

3pm. Buddy's Race. 40 degrees, 10 mph wind.
3.1 miles, bf 736

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