Friday, November 7, 2008


morning run went pretty good. Quads are achy, but once I got going things were fine.
6:10 am. home. 50 degrees.
1:04:26, gm 532

Started this one out wet, ended even wetter. In the movie "without limits" Steve Prevontaine is being recruited by Oregon (pretty much the awesomest college to run at, even still today). Bill Delenger brings along two of their best runners, Roscoe Divine (3:56 mile) and I believe Kenny Moore (great marathoner). It is a total downpour and he looks at them and says "At least you won't have to get your running shoes out." Pre meets them at the door and says "Hi Mr. Dellenger, mom's got some food guys, how about an easy 10?" The two just look at each other and say "We left them in the car". Then Steve says with a smile, "Well, do want me to get them for you?"

I felt a lot like that today. I would have dragged some total strangers out into the forest (if I had a forest) to do a ten mile run. The only bad part about running in the rain is that it was dark. I hate daylight takings time, but it always means morning runs so that is good. There is something about getting up early that just makes it feel more important for some reason. Anyway the run was tough with being pelted in the face by rain, but at least it was wam(er) so it wasn't too bad. It just sucked being wet. All the same the run went well enough and I was happy to get warm and dry.
5:30 pm. home. 60-55 degrees, totally raining.
1:12:58, bf 717

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