Monday, November 10, 2008


Nice run tonight. Wore my explosions. I could really tell a difference when going uphill, I could feel a lot more cushion under my forefoot. They are light which is good, but almost too light. They seem to have a little extra space on the sides of my feet. That's fine, but I would like a few eighth's skinner. Anyway the run was really good. You never would have known I had a long run yesterday. I really picked it up the last mile and breathing was perfect. I really wish I could try out those lunar racers, but unfortunately I'm holding off. Plus, I can't find them ANYWHERE even if I did want to buy them. Eastbay is sold out, except for like size 6 which is basically a kids shoe. I'm thinking about visiting a running shop, but I doubt they have them either, and even if they do they'll be expensive and I only buy shoes that are 60$ maybe a little more if I need them. And I don't really need these just yet.

4:30 pm. soccer complex. 54 degrees sunny
1:13:15, exp 35

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Carboman said...

hi Ron,
thanks for dropping by my blog.the nike rep told me that the racers will have a facelift next year but no other iterations released after that. so if you wanna get it, go find it before it's discontinued.

keep it up and i'm sure you'll achieve your running goals.