Sunday, November 9, 2008


Long, long run today. Went out really slow. I ate a huge lunch and it hadn't quite settled. Took about 45-50 minutes before I really started feeling right. Took an extra detour by walmart on a little greenway, added a good 15 minutes or more to the run. Still had 30-35 minutes when I made it back to the park. Felt good to run on the grass, but the knees were killing me. Also the left ham was really tight at times. I attribute that to the 100+ miles last week, and 89 the week before. I'll get used to it, but not until after my next race coming up this weekend. 23 miles today, kinda crazy but it was a good run and other than the legs I felt great.

3:07 pm. ball camp park. 50 degrees, kinda windy.
, gf 354

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