Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well I know it's anti-me, but I took the day off day. The whole day no running. For a normal person that would seem like a great thing. But for me it's the opposite. Running is my norm. I feel better after a good run. To not run is to take that part of my daily life away and so where some might enjoy a day off, I feel regret.

At the same time sometimes you just have to relax. Honestly I haven't been feeling "it" these past few days. I just sort of had a general lacking of enthusiasm. I'm already on the rebound and ready to get up bright and early to resume normal life again. This week is a low week for me, even though I've already put in close to 50 miles. Doing a 20+ miler on Sunday really pushes those miles up right away. The legs should be nice and rested for raceday though. It's sort of a mini-taper. I hope it gives me the rest I need to run hard, but still builds on my fitness. Only time will tell.

day of rest
abs (couldn't entirely do nothing)

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