Saturday, November 1, 2008


Not really a morning run - we stayed up way too late last night partying. We threw a halloween party with April's aunt. It turned out pretty good and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately there was only finger food, and so I was starving. Runners gotta eat real food y'know. There were some rolled up hams on toothpicks and I must have ate 25 of those (not kidding) and a smorgusborg of candy, chips, dips, and goodies. Yeah I ate a lot of bad stuff. I haven't had a pop or soda for a good while now. I had sprite last night, which isn't really cola so I'm not sure where my stance is on it. Either way one every now and then doesn't hurt, and this was just a then time.

Anyway I had good morning run. It went by fast enough and I even did a little over 8 miles, but oh well. Much warmer today and it was beautiful outside. No pugs fortunately, but I wouldn't have raced them today anyway.

12 am. home. 52 degrees sunny

1:08:41, bf 683

Did another run in what seemed like 5 minutes later at five or so. I got suckered into it trying to win a challenge on the nike+ website. I do funny thing sometimes I guess. Either way I was pleasantly surprised by the run. It was actually pretty good, I just wish there would have been a little more time inbetween the runs. I like running twice a day. You sort of get more bang for your buck. I was worried about increasing mileage, but I think I'm already ready for it. Sometimes I think when trying to prevent injury you can be a little too reserved. As long as I feel good I'm going to try not to worry tooo much about miles and just focus on running easy. All the same I put in ~88 miles this week, which if I'm not mistaken is about the highest I've done. Feels great though.

5 pm. soccer complex.68 degrees
53:02, gm 498

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